Hello! It is already December…


Even though it is December, this warmth is OK even with only one Parker!!

I heard that there are not many opportunities to wear down this year, I am glad ^ ^ Lol



Suddenly, what is your favorite food (* з `)??

I am “ramen”! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

I love noodles in general, but I really like ramen.

One of my hobbies was eating ramen after school when I was in school (‘-‘)


It is also the best to warm your body with warm ramen in the cold winter>


A divine event for those who like ramen,

Ramen EXPO 2018 will be held at Osaka’s Expo Park!!!




This event will bring together 40 ramen stores nationwide.

The dates are divided from Act 1 to Act 4.

The ramen shops to be exhibited are very popular shops all over the country!!!

When you buy a ramen ticket of ¥ 1200 for 1 cup of ramen and ¥ 1200 for 2 cup set

I can eat it! It’s a great deal!?

This ticket can also be purchased at Lawson or Ministop (* ω ω `*)





Easy-to-use seafood noodles from seafood




You can enjoy various ramen noodles up to the thick miso ramen ^ ^

The location is Expo Park, and it’s easy to get here because it takes about 40 minutes by train or bus from HIVE!

Moreover! As Expo Park is literally a park, it is good to take a walk inside!

There is also a large shopping mall and aquarium next to Expo Park.

There are also illumination events at night so you can enjoy it all day (* ‘*’) ‘

★ Detailed information

Address: Senri World Expo Park, Suita City, Osaka Prefecture 1-1 World Expo Memorial Park

Directions by train

Nearest station → Osaka Monorail “Expo Memorial Park Station”

Yes on the bus! By Kintetsu Bus / Hankyu Bus to “World Expo Memorial Park”.

From HIVE, Midosuji Line “Umeda Station” → “Senri Chuo Station”

Change to the monorail at the “World Expo Memorial Park”!

Ramen EXPO official site

Actually, I hate to like ramen

I have not been to Ramen EXPO (‘_’)

I will definitely go this year! I am convinced…

In winter in Osaka, including ramen, delicious rice

There are also many other things! ! ! ! ! !!!

And after all, winter Osaka is warmer than other areas!! Because

Everyone, please come and enjoy winter in Osaka (‘◇’) ゞ


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