🎄Happy Merry Christmas🎄

The other day, a nice customer came to the HIVE!

I am a couple from Instagrammer living in Thailand

My home country seems to be an English teacher in Thailand in England (* ‘▽’) ✅


@ simon.owen.rogers

(Since there are a lot of beautiful pictures of Thailand and all over the world, please check it out (^ ^) / ✨)

During this time, you are a You Tuber, and a German couple on TV. . .

It is really interesting because various people are coming to HIVE from all over the world every day (^ O ^) 🎵

Every day is super irritating

It is so w to forget where you are in Japan though w

I speak English. . . If you are thinking-it’s okay ❕

Rest assured that there is HIVE staff ☺ Let’s make good memories of traveling together


Please feel free to call me anytime (^ ^) / ♪
TEL: 06-6136-7442 (8: 00-23: 00)
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