HIVE party

HIVE party good evening (* 艸 `) 💛😻❥ s

The night time was getting cold in the autumn temperature

2018. . Two months and half after leaving, it is the following, (‘Д’) Yes yeah </ span>

Early. . . Do the days and days flow too early? Ah ah ah </ span> </ span>

If you have left it all this year, you have to do it now (; ∀;) 🌊

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This time, we will introduce the party at HIVE which will be held from 20 o’clock (Sat) 20 o’clock (” ‘)

At HIVE, we regularly organize takoyaki parties etc. ♬ (^ ^ ♪ 🎶

We use takoyaki in the living room and make it possible for guests and non-guests to participate ★

Takoyaki All-you-can-eat at 500 yen (`-‘) Nokoe One Coin Takoyaki All-you-can-eat All-you-can-eat 得 Value (..) φ memo

Not only Takoyaki but also an opportunity to interact with guests from all over the world (* ω ω `*) 💕💕

Even if you want to study English, you have no chance to speak ☞ Please practice English while making friends with HIVE

Takoyaki delicious while having English practice, cross-cultural exchange 最高 What is the best ❕

Of course, both HIVE staff and Japanese people will participate, so I can not speak English.

Please do not think so

There are always a variety of guests participating ❕ The living room is bustling with many people (* з `) 🌌

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This party is often held with a request from a guest, saying “Takoyaki party will not be done”. .

It’s already cold, so I went sightseeing in Osaka at noon, and at night I felt like an international specialty Takoyaki in Osaka.

Please enjoy yourself (‘◇’) ゞ ✨✨ (It is often the case that Takoyaki at home for dinner in Osaka (‘∀ `) ww)

& nbsp;

Those who can not come this time will also announce the next time, so please participate. Ne (* з `) 💋

Everyone is 20 o’clock (Sat) 20 o’clock YO (* ‘* `) ✨✨ We are waiting 💋💋

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