BBQ at 300 meters above the ground?

BBQ at 300 meters above the ground?

Hello everyone! It has been a bit cooler, but have you been unwell?

Today, we will introduce you to a wonderful place where you will feel good and tired.


Beer 300

This is an event where you can have a BBQ on the 58th floor of the tallest building in Japan, Abeno Harukas!

There are 2 types of courses, and you can also have an all-you-can-drink plan.

Good meat is also good

It’s very fashionable!!



You can also watch such a night view ♪

There is a prior reservation system for 4 people and a little restrictions, but with the calming temperature, why not spend a good time?

As it will be held until October 28 in 2018, as soon as possible ~ (^ _-)-☆

TEL: 06-6136-7442 (8: 00-23: 00)

We also accept emails with questions and reservations ♪

E-mail: info@osaka-guesthouse-hive.com
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