It is the season of cherry blossoms completely now (^ ^ ♪

Today, we will introduce the recommended cherry blossom spots from HIVE (^ ^) /

1 Sakura Minato Mint, famous for passing by cherry blossoms

Osaka Station (HIVE) Sakuranomiya Station can go in 4 minutes without transfer ♬

We are lighting up at night, and there are a lot of food stalls, so it’s highly recommended! ! !


This year’s cherry blossoms are 134 species 349,

This year’s flower is “Oochan (Oochan)” (* ‘艸 `)

In addition, it is said that “Choshu 緋 cherry tree (Choshuhizakura)” appears newly in passage of cherry blossoms of this year

Cherry blossoms seen from the pleasure boat are also exceptional




2 Cherry blossoms in Osaka Castle Park, which always ranks high even in Kansai

Osaka Station (HIVE) Osaka Castle Koen Station can be reached in 15 minutes without transfer.

It is also an ant to go cycling in the rental cycle of HIVE (* ‘ω’ *)

It is known as a famous spot of about 300 cherry blossoms centered on Somei Yoshino.
Please feel free to call me anytime (^ ^) / ♪

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